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CLIPPER Übersetzungen’s translators find the precise tone and the perfect word to ensure that your texts retain their advertising impact in different languages.


CLIPPER Übersetzungen is familiar with the particular terms used within the automobile sector and its supplier industries.


CLIPPER Übersetzungen’s translators have a business management background to ensure that their translations convey the correct meaning.


CLIPPER Übersetzungen seeks out qualified translators who are familiar with the terminology used in the chemicals sector.


The electronics sector is in competent hands at CLIPPER Übersetzungen, our specialist translators having the right technical background to look after your documents.

Human Resources

CLIPPER Übersetzungen knows translators who have been deeply involved in the Human Resources sector, applying their experience with these texts.


CLIPPER Übersetzungen collaborates with specialist translators who keep up with the fast pace of development in the IT sector.


Over the years, CLIPPER Übersetzungen has built up a team of specialists, working regularly with medically trained translators.


CLIPPER Übersetzungen’s core customers include a number of renowned pharmaceutical companies. These companies appreciate the competent manner with which our experts handle specialist texts.


The deregulation of this market has resulted in an increase in the variety of texts aimed at both the profession and the public.


Our long-term collaboration with technological and industrial organisations ensures that CLIPPER Übersetzungen’s customers are provided with texts that are technically impeccable.

The Law

A text that has legal validity is a matter of confidence. CLIPPER Übersetzungen selects specialist translators with the appropriate knowledge and experience for your legal documents.